School is almost over…

You know Black River school is almost over when you start receiving notices about the kid’s upcoming Field Day. On Field Day this year, we woke up to a beautiful, sunshiney day! Will was thrilled because last year it poured on his Field Day and they had to have their activities in the gymnasium instead of outside. He went to school so happy that they would get to spend the afternoon outdoors….

Fast forward a couple of hours and a huge storm system moved in and it started raining cats and dogs. So, the second graders got to have Field Day outside (in the morning) and the first graders unfortunately were stuck inside for the second year in a row. Even worse…the school’s air-conditioning was broken that day so it was hotter than Hades in there.

Here are a few pictures of the fun:

Bouncing on a ball while keeping one hand on his head:
Working with his classmate to try to walk on “skis” together. I got the giggles so bad watching Will and his friend do this — they were terrible at it! But, on the way home in the car I asked Will what his favorite activity was and he said “those blue things that Dylan and I got to walk on together — they were so cool!!”

Interacting with his classmates:

Taking a break for a snack:

The “Grand Finale” — TUG-OF-WAR!!

Will’s class had a terrible time with Tug-Of-War and ended up losing every match they were in. They were very disappointed that they didn’t win at least one time! With Will’s huge muscles, I’m not sure why they didn’t win at all. 🙂