Thanks (but NO THANKS) Uncle Jon!

Yesterday was a full day…

*Had to get Weslea to preschool
*Will was home from school (Spring Break)
*Took Will and Weston to Aunt Drew’s
*Took Wyatt to the doctors (he has an ear infection)
*Spent forever waiting for Wyatt’s prescription to get filled
*Got Wyatt’s haircut while waiting (he was not happy about this!)

So, a couple of cute things happened in the midst of all of this….

1) Wyatt was up most of the night because his ear hurt so bad. In the morning I woke up to find him in bed with me. He looked at me, pointed to his ear and said very seriously: “ear hurt…….go doctor……make better…..” I got up right then and called the doctor!

2) We’re driving to Aunt Drew’s (she volunteered to watch the other boys while I took Wyatt to the doctor) and Will burps as loud as he can (URGH!)

Mom: Will that’s gross! Don’t do that!
Will: I couldn’t help it ~ he made me.
Mom: Who made you?
Mom: Weston made you burp?!
Will: Yep — he pulled my finger!
Mom: Who in the world told you about pulling your finger?
Will: I don’t know……….. (pause) ………………maaaaaaybeeeee………….Uncle Jon?

Super huge thank you to Uncle Jon for that one!