Weston is 2!

Weston is officially two today and we’ve realized that our baby is no longer a baby. Bill has to stay late at work tonight, I have school conferences and a friend’s Tastefully Simple party to go to, so we won’t really celebrate his birthday until his party on Monday night. We spent a lot of time today wrestling and playing tickle torture (his two favorites!) I took a bunch of pictures to show the many faces of Weston on his birthday (as you can see, his mood changes often):

1) Tickle torture with mommy and Weslea

2) A big Happy Birthday hug from Weslea!

3) Noticing mommy’s fun-looking camera

4) Throwing a fit because he can’t hold mommy’s camera (Weston is really good at throwing fits!)

5) Dancing like a crazy man!

6) A big smile because Mommy is being funny

Happy Birthday to our sweet little boy!